My Thoughts on Malcolm Turnbull’s campaign against Domestic Violence.

I was reading a little on the Australian Mensline website. Australian PM, Malcolm Turnbull, recently allotted funds to them to run men’s anger management programs in Australia.

(because, as we all know, domestic violence is never a woman’s fault!)

I read with interest the section on emotional and mental well-being.

Some of the info is sound, I suppose. But there’s some dodgy stuff too. How about this?


Really? So men work like drones until they retire and then, and only then, do they acquire the ability to define themselves by who they are rather than what they do. I figure this is daft. What about children? Can they achieve self acceptance for who they are rather than (or in addition to) what they do? Apparently not, according to Mensline Australia. Those august heights are reserved for retired men only. As well as all women? Anyway, men, keep working, muling and toiling away and turning over your wallets to serve the holy vajajay.

Or how about this perspective?


It looks like the human doing known as man poses a potential threat to the post-retirement wife too.

And, there’s this.


Yeah, right! Women are more likely to express their feelings directly – like throwing plates or other potentially dangerous items at their spouse.

And then there’s this.


This may well be true. But aren’t women just as manipulative of their environment and people in it?

Alas, the tragedy of modern times is that the problem of domestic violence remains one defined as a gender problem (active men do unto passive women) rather than as an inter-generational and personality disordered one. The latter conclusion seems more plausible given, for example, Martin Fiebert’s compilation of hundreds of two sex studies on domestic violence around the world that show that women can be just as violent as men in domestic settings, if not more so.


The enemy here is not men. The enemy are borderline, histrionic, narcissistic and anti-social (psychopathic) personality disordered people (almost all women) who milk the corrupt, secretive and unaccountable police and family court system to break up their own families, to expel the other spouse from the home, to own and manipulate their kids, to alienate them from their biological fathers and, oftentimes, to have the government look after them financially as a substitute husband and father under the old school definition of the father and husband as a walking wallet. Talk about objectification.

Societies will be reaping a grim harvest in later years if we continue to deprive children of their human right to be raised by both their biological parents. Indeed, this grim harvest has already been reaped.



The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child confers on children the right to be raised by both biological parents.

For example, article 9 section 3 states that:

“States Parties shall respect the right of the child who is separated from one or both parents to maintain personal relations and direct contact with both parents on a regular basis, except if it is contrary to the child’s best interests.”

So let’s implement laws and practice that is in accordance with the child’s best interest. The bond between father and child is every bit as strong as that between mother and child.


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