My thoughts on marriage.

Marriage is a female racket. It is appropriately called “matrimony”. I looked up the definitions of matrimony and patrimony just now. Patrimony means the passing down of property from one generation to another. There you have it, men are workhorses, wealth generators, walking ATM machines (talk about objectification!). Matrimony, by contrast, means the institution of marriage. Matri- is derived, of course, from the Latin for mother. Marriage has historically been about giving mothers the resources to raise kids.

But the times, they are a-changing. To end this racket, the two roots that supply this matrimony tree with nutrients needs to be severed – the property/wealth root and the offspring/children root. In the media, we learn about almost exclusively male celebrities and tycoons who have had to pay their ex-spouses tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars after a divorce. Men like Michael Jordan or Paul McCartney who through their talent and hard work earned their money had to give tens of millions of it away. Men know full well how rigged marriage is against them. Small wonder then that the ranks of MGTOWs (Men Going Their Own Way) have swelled as a counterpoint to the emergence of toxic third wave feminism since the 1970s. Small wonder, the fertility rate throughout the western world falls far below the replacement level. Small wonder, immigrants from completely different cultures (often war-zones, unstable societies or authoritarian regimes) are invited in to make up for the shortfall in population and the workforce.

Alimony should be ended. Surely feminists, if they truly believe in equality, would agree that a divorced woman can find her own independent source of income – “Girl Power” and all that. Child Support should be tied to the father having adequate access to his children. Research shows that provided the non-custodial parent has supervision of his child/children at least 35% of the time, the negative repercussions of single parenting for the child/children can be minimized. That, of course, is in society’s best interests. Studies have shown for decades the multitude of negative outcomes for the children of single parent homes and single parent neighborhoods. Poorer educational outcomes, lower IQ scores, teen pregnancies, increased drug addiction, juvenile delinquency, adult crime and other maladaptive behaviors are closely correlated to growing up in a single parent home. Throughout the western world, a single parent home means a single mother home 90% of the time. In summary, good citizens are the products of intact families almost without exception. Don’t blame me for that. That is what the statistics have been saying unambiguously for decades.

As I have written previously, there should be mandatory joint custody in the event of marriage or separation where children are involved. There should be mandatory DNA testing at birth to determine if the baby truly belongs genetically to the father. If it does not, the father has the right not to raise the child as his. There should be paternal abortion rights for men meaning that a man should be informed in a timely fashion by the mother that she is carrying his baby and he has the right not to raise an unborn baby after it is born if he wants. There should be open family courts whose rulings are enforced against those who may break them.

Marriage needs to be rebalanced as an institution that commands the confidence of both men and women. Until it is, fertility rates will remain well below replacement levels and nations, over a few short generations, will either go completely extinct or will become totally unrecognizable. Europe, for example, may well be replaced by Eurabia.


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