My Thoughts on Parental Alienation.

The subject of female manipulation has exercised my mind recently. Many feminists and many in the mainstream media take the view that this is a 50/50 thing which I think is absurd. Recently, there was a two part series on parental alienation written for the Irish Times by Fiona Gartland. One week, the story of a man who was alienated from his child by the child’s mother was published and, for the sake of balance apparently, a couple of weeks later, the story of a women who was alienated from her child by the child’s father was published.

Sometimes, I feel that we pursue political correctness too much. This is also the outcome of the feminist belief that men and women are basically the same in terms of their mental functioning when they are not.

From an evolutionary biological perspective, men and women are different, not just physically but also in the way our brains are wired. Women are more manipulative than men and men are more aggressive than women. Angry Harry has elucidated this difference very clearly in this article.

There is nothing wrong with these traits in and of themselves but, in our society, male aggression is pathologized whereas female manipulation is exonerated. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our secret family courts.

Parental alienation, whereby one parent seeks to alienate a child or children from the other parent represents a extreme manifestation of this trait of manipulation, turned to destructive ends. In the United States, women gain primary custody of their children after divorce or separation, 82% of the time. In places, like Canada, the UK and Ireland, it’s more like 90%. Women have more opportunities than men to engage in this reprehensible behaviour, behaviour that has been rightly characterized as child abuse.

If this phenomenon was really something that both men and women engaged in in equal numbers, feminists would be calling for parental alienation to be made a criminal offence with automatic custodial sentences for those who engage in it. They know full well that this is overwhelmingly a female offence so they are silent.


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